Previously on Bad Company...

Bad Company what HAVE you been up to?

Bad Company has done some shit. You should tell us about it.

Stuff that Thunderous can think of:

  • had a bar fight (humble beginnings!!)
  • met Ironhelm
  • flew to the floating island ‘Elysium’
  • examined a crashed airship
  • fought a demon that burst out of a guy
  • slew a young green dragon
  • assaulted a weapons research lab (what exactly did happen here anyways?
  • escaped from a mine where were enslaved and infected with psionic parasites
  • discovered the psionic power source exists
  • encountered an incredibly powerful psionic who left on a mission
  • fought through a hoard of zombies to defeat an evil necromancer
  • got transported through a tear in reality
  • met a new species
  • reopened a tear in reality to find that we had lost 5 years



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