• Balthazar Baines

    Balthazar Baines

    Dragonborn leader of the Talaric Brotherhood. Completely unflappable. Go ahead, try and flap him. You can't.
  • Dern Allory

    Dern Allory

    Eladrin swordmage and disgraced B.O.A. agent. Developing a relationship with Atticus?
  • Dorian Ironhelm

    Dorian Ironhelm

    Dwarven smuggler & arms dealer
  • Lady of Pain

    Lady of Pain

    Seemingly omnipotent entity who preserves what passes for order in Sigil
  • Norbin


    A prisoner in a mine, who has made it through some scary stuff.
  • Ramsus Hamlin

    Ramsus Hamlin

    Human psion and agent of the Talaric Brotherhood. Hates the Far Realm, loves a good fight.
  • Rook


    One-dimensional Eladrin Swordmage.
  • Teague Alexi

    Teague Alexi

    Tiefling bar owner & middle-man
  • Ulric von Heideggar

    Ulric von Heideggar

    Ogre oni-mage, leader of the Planar Trade Consortium