The Library of Ulm

The party feels a magical thrum in the air. After searching, they realize it’s emanating from a small, dome-shaped object with runes on the sides. When they touch it, the top glows a soft blue.

A figure appears in the air. It’s got the body of a human woman, and the head of an eagle. It’s wearing ornate robes and the same soft blue glow surrounds it. It’s the KENKU SCRIBE.

“This world is lost now. Entire civilizations reduced to nothing more than drifting sands. But it was not always like this. Two races once shared this planet: the wise Kenku, and the psionic Illithid. They lived in harmony for thousands of years, working toward understanding the universe. Eventually, they learned how to transcend their own world, and to visit others. They came into contact with many other races, and learned what the creatures of the multiverse had to teach.”

“The Kenku were explorers and philosophers, happy just to expand their own horizons, while using their knowledge to help others if they could. The Illithid, though, did not have such noble intentions. They were not content just to experience the marvels of the planes, they wanted to own them. To dominate them. They began to use their powerful minds to bend the wills of others to their command. They enslaved entire races, razed whole civilizations, their forms becoming more and more twisted with each conquest. The Kenku, shocked by what the Illithid had become, rose to oppose them. Thus, the Planescape Wars began.”

“A bloody conflict that spread across infinite worlds and infinite time, it seemed that the fabric of reality itself would be torn apart by the fighting. After eons of battle, the Kenku banished the Illithid to the one place their pogrom would be contained: the Far Realm. Though they had been sealed away, the Kenku knew that the Illithid were dangerously clever, so they constructed a device of immense power as a contingency should the Illithid ever escape. This device has the capacity to destroy an entire plane of existence. In order to ensure this device was never misused, the Kenku constructed five keys based upon the five basic power sources, and scattered them across the planes. The…going to…”

The image skips and flickers, then pops back after a moment and addresses Thunderous directly.

“You, master Dwarf, have in your possession the psionic key. I hope your intentions are noble enough to carry an artifact like that.”

I can walk on walls!
Thunderous is REALLY badass

1337 h4x. i f0ugh7 fr0m 73h c13l1ng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Previously on Bad Company...
Bad Company what HAVE you been up to?

Bad Company has done some shit. You should tell us about it.

Stuff that Thunderous can think of:

  • had a bar fight (humble beginnings!!)
  • met Ironhelm
  • flew to the floating island ‘Elysium’
  • examined a crashed airship
  • fought a demon that burst out of a guy
  • slew a young green dragon
  • assaulted a weapons research lab (what exactly did happen here anyways?
  • escaped from a mine where were enslaved and infected with psionic parasites
  • discovered the psionic power source exists
  • encountered an incredibly powerful psionic who left on a mission
  • fought through a hoard of zombies to defeat an evil necromancer
  • got transported through a tear in reality
  • met a new species
  • reopened a tear in reality to find that we had lost 5 years

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